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Do I need a Private Investigator?


Unless you're an attorney or human resources professional you are likely unfamiliar with the many services a private investigator can provide.  As a visitor to this site, you may be seeking the services of an investigator, and perhaps wondering if other options are available.


The reality is, in today's world of technology, information is at your fingertips; indeed, finding an old friend can often be only a few clicks away.  If your needs are simple, many credible resources can be found on the internet, oftentimes providing  basic information at little or no cost.  

However, if your needs go beyond the basic - administrative/workplace investigations, locating a missing loved one, civil matters, and pre-employment screening, to name a few - an experienced, professional investigator may be your best option.  While no legitimate private investigator can guarantee the information you seek or the person you are attempting to locate will be found, at the very least they should provide assurance that every reasonable effort to do so will be made, and that those efforts will meet your expectations. 


Be wary of investigators who claim to have individual expertise in every service.  If we are not experienced in a particular task, we likely have access to other investigators who are, and will make the appropriate referral.  We will not perform a service with which we have no experience. 


Most importantly, ask questions.  People often have false expectations or don’t understand what investigators can, and cannot do.  There are many talented licensed private investigators throughout California.  While some of these individuals have prior law enforcement experience, they are not police officers.  Make sure the investigator understands your expectations, and that you fully understand what the investigator can and will do for you.


If you are unsure whether the use of a private investigator is your best, or even a necessary option, please contact us; there is no charge for your initial consultation or referral to another professional, if necessary.  If we can help simply by answering questions or directing you to a certain resource we will be glad to do so, as we have done for several clients at no cost.   

Give us the opportunity to help, and we're confident you'll turn to us for all your investigative needs.

​How can I ensure an investigator is licensed?

All private investigators in the state of California are required to be licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.  You can verify that an investigator is licensed, check for disciplinary actions against the licensee, or file a complaint at the following website:

How much does it cost to hire a private investigator?


The cost of private investigative services varies greatly from one provider to another and depends on the work requested.  Most often services are billed at an hourly rate, (though some, such as basic process serving, are based on a flat fee), and certain additional expenses may apply.  A retainer may be required before services are provided.  Please contact us to discuss hourly rates and fees.

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